A WOMAN who was caught taking photos of a live court hearing has been given a slap on the wrist.

The extraordinary incident happened during a sentencing hearing held at Oxford Crown Court yesterday.

A member of the public - Susan Westlake - was spotted by a court clerk taking 'two panoramic photo images'.

When her phone was quickly seized she admitted what could have been tried as a breach under Contempt of Court Act provisions and deleted the images.

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Penalties for contempt of court carry a maximum of two years in jail.

Speaking on her behalf defence barrister John Bryant said she offered her 'sincere apologies' for taking the two photos.

Presiding Judge Ian Pringle QC told her: "What you did was a very serious contempt of court and I hope you realise that now. Under no circumstances are you allowed to take any photos anywhere in this court ."

She was not handed any penalty.