TRADERS on an Oxford industrial estate are this month hosting a unique production of a magical Mediterranean mystery tour.

A butcher, a coffee roastery and even the Oxford Mail's offices on Osney Mead are all playing a part in Creation Theatre's wandering version of William Shakespeare's The Tempest.

The production – halfway between an escape room and theatre – begins at the King's Centre conference venue, where King Alonso of Naples and his royal party on a Mediterranean cruise are caught in an almighty storm and end up shipwrecked on a mysterious island.

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The, the audience are taken out of the King's Centre and onto 'the island'.

As they cross a bridge, a monster who turns out to be called Caliban jumps out at them and starts hissing Shakespearian lines at the crowd in a very Creation Theatre style.

However what sets this production apart is the fact that business owners across the industrial estate welcome the wandering watchers – and the performers – inside their premises.

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During the play, audiences visit Jericho Coffee Traders’ roastery, Urbanoid’s office, Meat Masters butchery and even sneak along the perimeter of the Oxford Mail offices, being told ‘this is the place where all the propaganda is produced’.

As a theatrical experience, it is proving an engaging way of introducing people to the Bard’s work.

However it is also a unique way of exploring a part of the city which many lifelong residents would never otherwise visit.

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One audience member joining the adventure this week said that despite living in Oxford for more than 20 years, she had never had an opportunity to explore Osney Mead, adding: “I must come here again.”

Creation Theatre's Tempest continues until August 17 and tickets are still available online at £25 for adults and £23 for under-18s.