A HEAVY band of rain will sweep through Oxfordshire this weekend, the Met Office has warned.

The yellow weather warning for heavy rain is in place for all of Friday as it is predicting heavy showers or thunderstorms.

Despite the weather warning being in place throughout the entire day, the rain is expected to hit the county through the morning. It is expected to ease off from 1pm for sunny intervals throughout the afternoon before rain returns from 7pm and continues through the night.

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The warning is coupled with another weather warning from the Met Office for wind on the Saturday.

It currently is in place for the entirety of Saturday and warns of strong winds which may cause disruption - particularly within the daytime.

Current weather predictions are reporting light showers from 10am through to 4pm when the sun is expected to make an appearance.

Temperatures throughout both days are largely expected to remain around 20C, with highs of 23C and lows of 17C.