A LORRY company has paid £20k to the UK's Border Force after one of its vehicles was seized on the A34.

Police pulled over the HGV near Abingdon on Friday evening, for a routine check to ensure the driver was following the legal limit on working hours.

The officer found that the company owed £20,000 in unpaid fines, for allowing illegal immigrants to sneak into the country inside their lorries.

Police impounded the vehicle until the debt was cleared in full, as well as a £200 ticket for exceeding the cap on driving hours. 

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More than 830 people liked, retweeted or replied when Thames Valley Police's roads policing team tweeted about what happened, commending the officer for 'cracking work' and 'great policing.' 

One man said: "Drivers not abiding by the hours rule puts everyone around them in danger, these stops make our roads safer. Its a BIG thank you from me."

The police constable said it was just 'copper's nose' that led to the lorry being pulled over, and that the vehicle was released after the fines were paid. 

Police did not name the lorry company.