A BURGLAR crept into a house just three days before Christmas and stole an array of expensive presents, a court heard.

Jurors were told yesterday that the alleged culprit - Jason Bourton - left behind a clue as to the identity of the thief, dropping a vaping device with his DNA on it at the scene of the break-in.

The 39-year old, of Dashwood Place, Oxford, denies one count of burglary.

As his trial got under way at Oxford Crown Court yesterday the jury panel of nine women and three men heard how the alleged break-in took place on December 22 last year.

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Prosecutor Ali Dewji said that one of the two occupants of the Rose Hill home had gone to visit family for the festive season and the second was at work.

When flat tenant Ben Curtain arrived home from work on that morning he said he found the house ransacked with numerous items stolen.

In a witness statement he said that he saw presents had been 'scattered and discarded' in the living room with numerous items taken.

He said he was 'in shock' at what had happened and quickly called the police.

Detailing some of the stolen items he said that the burglar had taken a laptop as well as presents which included a bottle of gin and Chanel perfume.

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A pair of socks with the words 'eye roll' written on them was also taken, the court heard, as was a black T-shirt with the letters 'OMG' on the front and a pink pig in the middle.

When the second occupant - Mark Morris - returned home days later he said he also found a number of items missing.

He told police his room was in 'disarray' and items which had been stolen included a portable Playstation and video games including Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy Dissidia.

He said the film Spiderman 3 was also snatched from a cardboard box.

On further investigation, the court heard, a 'vaping device' was discovered having seemingly been left by the culprit near a window where it was suspected entry had been gained.

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Neither of the two occupants said they owned a vaping device and police subsequently went on to examine it for DNA evidence.

Prosecutor Dewji said of the discovery: "The vape didn't belong to [Mr Morris] and it didn't belong to [Mr Curtain] and it had not been there before the burglary.

"Neither of them touched the vape and they informed police and it was collected by police that day.

"It was tested in relation to DNA and DNA was found on the mouth piece of at least three different individuals."

He added that a 'complete and clear' DNA profile matched that of Bourton, adding there was a 'one in one billion' chance it was not his.

After Bourton was arrested for the alleged burglary, jurors were told, he didn't answer most of the questions put to him.

He did tell police, prosecutors said, that the vape was not his and he had never owned such a device.

Bourton denies carrying out the burglary and the trial continues.