A BUNGALOW in Oxford, which was almost destroyed by a fire, could have its roof put back to normal but only if plans are given the green-light by Oxford City Council.

In February, a house on Ethelred Court in Headington caught fire in the middle of the night.

The fire was spotted by a passer-by who had dialled 999 after they saw smoke coming from the house.

Four fire crews rushed to the scene with eight firefighters.

On arrival the team battled the flames in a bid to stop the fire spreading to the entire house, but the blaze had already torn through the roof.

At the time the incident commander Paul Webster said that the fire in the roof space could have 'quite easily' spread to the whole house'.

Now five months on, the homeowner has requested the roof be replaced 'like for like'.

In plans, which can be found on the Oxford City Council planning register, the homeowner explains that the roof structure and tiling was the only thing to be damaged by the flames.

If all gets approved then the roof will be re-built back to what it was before the fire.

The same timber structure will be used to match the existing, with similar concrete tiles.

The plans can be found using the reference 19/01845/FUL