PLANS to clamp down on posters in Oxford shop windows in April 1977 seemed to leave the average shopper distinctly cold.

International Stores in High Street could have been used as a test case for an order to remove unsightly posters if Oxford City Council's Planning Committee agreed.

As soon as the plans were made know, the shop took down the offending posters - but few passers-by seemed to notice the blank window.

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Mrs Kathleen Spence thought it rather unfair to single out International Stores.

She said: "If one can't have them, then nobody should be able to have them."

The various brightly coloured bargain notices, cartoons and price lists which adorned Oxford shops such as travel agent Lunn Poly seemed to have remarkably little effect on the proverbial man in the street.

Elizabeth Gilchrist said: "I have never really thought about it - which means I've never really noticed posters."