A DRIVER 'almost crashed' after becoming distracted by graffiti scrawled across a rural road near Oxford.

A brazen protester has painted the words 'Climate Emergency No Expressway' across the entire width of Wheatley Road, between Wheatley and Garsington. 

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Oxford Mail:

A flipped picture of the image shared on FixMyStreet

It is thought to refer to the hugely controversial Oxford-Cambridge Expressway, which has sparked widespread outrage from environmental campaigners.

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In a complaint logged on the FixMyStreet problem-reporting website on Thursday, a driver said: "Someone has painted graffiti on Wheatley Road just before a bend.

"Today I almost lost control and crashed as I thought rubbish had been put in the road. 

"I have seen others try and avoid it while other cars stop in the middle of the road to try and read it."

Oxfordshire County Council responded to the complaint on the same day, stating that its team is investigating.

A council spokesman said: "We are looking at the site and will make a decision shortly. 

"It is possible that the markings will weather and fade quite quickly and not require any action. 

"Investigating and rectifying things like graffiti costs money that we could be spending elsewhere."