TWO-thirds of annual leave calculated for two councils' staff by an outsourcing company was wrong, a report has found.

South Oxfordshire and Vale of White Horse district councillors will be told next week that of a random sample of their staff, 30 out of 45 annual leave allocations were incorrect.

The councils outsourced some of its HR work to Capita as part of the Five Councils' Partnership, which also involves other authorities in Somerset and Hampshire.

As part of an audit, it said the company's AskHR and MyView systems led to 18 out of 20 part-time staff having their annual leave incorrectly calculated. Two were given too little annual leave, while 16 had been allocated too much.

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Of 20 people who left the authorities' employment, eight were given the wrong allocation. Six were overpaid for their work and two were underpaid.

One part of the Five Councils' Partnership has already been ditched by the authorities after it was agreed in 2016. Together, it cost the two Oxfordshire authorities £672,000 to break ties with property management company VINCI.

When the partnership was struck, the councils said it was 'ground-breaking'.

Last year, South and Vale calculated that some of the apparent cost-cutting plan would cost them more than if they had done work themselves.