FORECASTERS say today could be the hottest temperatures for 200 years in Oxford. 

The predicted maximum temperature of 35C comes close to the city's record of 35.1C, from experts at the Radcliffe Meteorological Station with records dating back to 1815.

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But how hot is it?

We got the thermometer out to check the temperature in and around the Oxford Mail's offices in Osney Mead. 

Though hardly a scientific test, we recorded the temperature in the Oxford Mail's canteen kitchen, in the shade outside, in the sun and inside a car in direct sunlight.

First, the canteen kitchen. 

Have some sympathy for chefs today. When we went in to check, the reading was 52.8C.

Oxford Mail:

Admittedly we were near to the oven, but so was the chef. 

Extra fans have been drafted in order to cool things down slightly. 

Outside in the shade, it is a relatively cool 33.9C, our thermometer tells us. 

This falls short of the predicted 35C, and the record 35.1, but it is likely to get hotter later this afternoon.

Staff at shops and businesses in Oxford have been struggling to cope with the heat and, not surprisingly, ice creams have been selling well.

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Oxford Mail:

We also tested the temperature in direct sunlight. 

Though there has been some cloud cover today to help us all out a little, there is still plenty of sunshine. 

Here, it registered 35.6C. Not pleasant for many of those who have to work outside today.

Oxford Mail:  

Thankfully, most cars have air conditioning these days. 

Because, the inside of a car in the car park at the Oxford Mail offices reached a very uncomfortable 44.7C

A reminder, if one was needed, that dogs die in hot cars. 

Oxford Mail:

Today's forecasted similar temperature will also impact the records for the hottest July days, which are currently as follows:

1              34.8C, July 19, 2006 (also the second hottest day in city history)

2              33.9C, July 19, 1825 and July 12, 1923

3              33.7C, July, 13, 1923

4              33.5C, July 1, 2015

5              33.4C, July 3, 1976

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