A HEATWAVE will see temperatures peak at about 34C later this week in Oxfordshire – and it comes with a health warning.

The county will swelter in 30-plus degree heat from tomorrow until it begins to cool down on Friday, with Thursday set to be the hottest day.

Forecasters are predicting temperatures of up to 34C, before dropping off towards the weekend.

Oxford Mail:

The highest recorded temperature in July is 36.7C, on the first day of the month in 2015 at Heathrow.

And there is a chance that could be topped in some parts in and around London.

Oxford Mail:

A Level 3 heatwave alert has also been issued for Oxfordshire – meaning the hot weather now poses a health risk to vulnerable groups.

This means people should be aware of the actions to protect themselves from the possible health effects of hot weather, and social and healthcare services are advised to take specific actions that target high-risk groups.

Oxfordshire County Council’s Public Health team has advised people try to keep out of the sun between 11am and 3pm, drink plenty of cold drinks and if people have a health problem, keep medicines below 25 °C or in the refrigerator.

Health and social care workers in the community, hospitals and care homes are advised to regularly check on vulnerable patients, share sun safety messages, make sure room temperatures are set below 26C, ensure patients have access to cold water and ice and that medicines are stored in a cool place.

Oxfordshire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Public Health Lawrie Stratford said: “While hot weather is enjoyable for most people and uncomfortable for some, sadly experience tells us that exposure to excessive heat can kill, with most cases of illness and death caused by heart and lung disease.

"Because we are not used to these very hot temperatures in England, local plans are in place to reduce the impact of harm from very hot weather.”


Asthma UK has also urged sufferers to keep up their medication.

Dr Andy Whittamore, clinical lead at Asthma UK and a practising GP, said a ‘toxic cocktail’ of hot humid weather and rising pollen levels this week could be ‘extremely hazardous’ for asthma sufferers and could trigger deadly asthma attacks.

He said: "Hot air and hay fever can cause people's airways to narrow, leaving them struggling to breathe, with symptoms like coughing, wheezing, a tight chest and breathlessness.

Oxford Mail:

"Hot weather can also increase the amount of pollutants, pollen and mould in the air which can trigger asthma symptoms.

"If you are worried about the weather or hay fever affecting your asthma, make sure you take your hay fever medicines, keep taking your regular preventer as prescribed by your doctor and carry your blue reliever inhaler at all times.”

How hot will it get?

Oxford Mail:

Tuesday will see temperatures exceed 31C, and after a maximum of 30C on Wednesday, Thursday sees the peak of the heatwave with some forecasters predicting 34C.

Oxford Mail:

By the weekend it will feel cooler, with a maximum of 24C in Oxfordshire.