TWO city centre public conveniences are to get full-time attendants in a bid to tackle problems including discarded dirty needles.

Gloucester Green and Market Street toilets have been marred by the problem in recent months, prompting action from the city council.

A trial will include introducing full-time attendants at the facilities from 10am to 6pm at both site.

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The toilets were chosen as those that are most used and most prone to suffering misuse.

Oxford city council cabinet member for safer communities and customer focused service Nigel Chapman said: "These two city centre conveniences have suffered more than others when it comes to unwelcome anti-social behaviour.

"We have, for example, seen a large number of discarded needles left in them - this is unacceptable for city centre facilities that are used by residents and tourists alike.

"So, we were keen to have a full-time presence to make sure that when visitors use these conveniences, they will find them in the best possible condition.

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"Maintaining clean and welcoming public conveniences is a benefit for all visitors to our city, wherever they come from and improves their experience and impression of Oxford."

The new full-time attendants will focus on maintaining the cleanliness of the sites and availability of the facilities.

The public conveniences are two of 23 that the city council maintain across the city including those at the town hall, in cemeteries, in parks, one at Redbridge Park and Ride, and many more sites.

The council will look to potentially expand the service if successful.