A ROBBER grabbed a man by the hood and threatened him with a knife as he walked home from a friend’s house, a court heard.

Daniel Pullen gave evidence at Oxford Crown Court yesterday, claiming Sam Pearce approached him in Chipping Norton and told him he was ‘trespassing’ on his territory.

Detailing more about the incident, which happened at about 10.20pm on January 16, Mr Pullen said: “He grabbed me by the hood and told me he was going to take me to his house.

“He was very loud and very angry - he tried to pull me towards the direction he was going in.

“He told me he had a knife and that he had been watching me.”

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He said he saw something sticking out of Pearce’s pocket, wrapped in a dark plastic bag, which he ‘assumed’ to be the handle of the knife.

He said Pearce was ‘gripping’ the object and, although he did not actually see the blade, said he felt ‘confused’ and ‘worried’ for his safety.

Mr Pullen, who had been walking in Churchill Road at the time, managed to run away unharmed.

He admitted Pearce had made no attempt to steal anything else from him, despite the fact that he was holding his iPhone and also had his wallet on him.

The court heard how a baseball cap Mr Pullen had been wearing fell off in the scuffle as he tried to escape, and landed in the 'middle of the road.'

Police later found the cap at Pearce's mother's house, but he denies robbery and denies stealing it.

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The 29-year-old, of Market Street in Chipping Norton, is on trial for the alleged robbery as well as two others and an attempted robbery, the majority of which also involved the threat of a knife.

On Tuesday, prosecution barrister Adrian Fleming said one of the alleged victims was a boy aged just 14, who Pearce 'threatened to stab' in Oxford before stealing his bike.

For most of the counts, Pearce denies using threat of violence but admits lesser charges of theft or attempted theft.

Yesterday, jurors were told how Mr Pullen had initially failed to turn up to court to give his evidence, and the case was delayed as he was 'brought [here] by police officers.'

It was put to him by Pearce's defence barrister that he had been smoking cannabis when Pearce approached him, but he denied this.

The trial, which was due to finish yesterday, is now expected to continue into next week.