FROM bright violets to soothing lavenders Camera Club presented us with a cornucopia of colourful entries for this week's purple theme.

Flowers were, unsurprisingly, a common focus with some of our favourites including a sea of tulips by Dhiraj Thapar and irises in the water garden of the Golden Temple in Kyoto, Japan, by Jim Jutton.

Oxford Mail:

We also loved Duncan Becker's snap of a bee in the centre of a vibrant flower, which was taken with his phone in the car park where he works.

Sharing the image on the Oxford Mail Camera Club Facebook page, he wrote: “A bee’s eye view of a hollyhock interior.

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"The lines on the petals, designed to guide the bees and other pollinators in, looked to me like an explosion, the effect added to by the dusting of pollen."

Spectacular sky snaps also featured in many submissions.

Oxford Mail:

A stand-out image came from Barry Gibbs who captured an early morning at Loch Lomond in Scotland, the horizon filled with blues bleeding into purple shades.

Charlotte Hickman, meanwhile, took a stunning photograph of a silhouetted skyline below purple-tinged clouds.

There were also plenty of people-focused shots that stood out as well.

We particularly liked a pair of pictures of headwear.

Oxford Mail:

Diane Braggs captured a colourful costume, including a top hat, at Eastbourne Steampunk in 2018, while Donna Cassettari's grandson was snapped in a bright purple Fortnite cap at the beach.

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We also loved Geoffrey Hill's snap of a man riding a purple motorbike as it shines in the summer sun.

Another favourite shot featuring transport was Bryan Robertson's neon long-exposure image of a bus whizzing down Oxford's High Street.

Oxford Mail:

Finally, fortune favoured Ian Marriott, who submitted an image of a high jumper against a bright purple backdrop.

He said: "Was away for a long weekend at the European U23 champs in Gavle Sweden so thought I would struggle to get any photos for this week's theme.

"Got to the track and discovered the meetings colour scheme guessed it!”

Oxford Mail:

Next week's theme is trios.

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Happy snapping!