A MOTHER addicted to heroin led police on a high-speed chase through West Oxfordshire which saw her go ‘over 100mph’ before crashing as she went the wrong way around a roundabout, a court has heard.

Jennifer Beamand appeared via video link at Oxford Crown Court today to be sentenced for one count of dangerous driving and one of driving without insurance.

Cathy Oliver, prosecuting, told the court the charges stemmed from the 31-year-old's actions on May 13 this year.

She said a police officer stopped to check on Beamand, of Willenhall in the West Midlands, after seeing her car parked in a layby on the A361 near Banbury at around 11pm.

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The officer saw 'drug paraphernalia' in the vehicle and told her he intended to search the car, which prompted the mother-of-one to drive off at speed, initially without her lights on.

He followed, Ms Oliver said, with Beamand going over 100mph at points as she headed towards Chipping Norton, then on the A44 through Enstone and Woodstock, before she crashed on a roundabout leaving the town, hurting her leg.

Kellie Enever, in mitigation, said while Beamand’s driving had been ‘appalling’ she had admitted the offence immediately and there had been 'very little' traffic on the road at the time.

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The court heard Beamand, despite coming from a 'good background' had started taking drugs aged 14 and her using had spiralled to include heroin after becoming involved with an abusive boyfriend who was also a dealer.

Judge Ian Pringle QC said the case was 'extremely serious' given the length of the '10-to-13-mile' pursuit and adjourned sentencing for one week to look at the potential of a residential drug programme for her.