CONGESTION in Oxford city centre is 'severe' due to the closure of a central road.

Worcester Street closed at 9.30am today for gas works, which are expected to continue all week.

Oxford Mail:

Traffic shown on Google Maps at 12.20pm

The closure is not scheduled to be lifted until 4.30pm on Sunday, and runs between Park End Street and George Street Mews.

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Bus companies are reporting disruption to certain services, and are unable to serve some stops.

Motorists travelling into the city from the Botley Interchange have reported major delays this afternoon, with queues all along Botley Road. 

Meanwhile, roadworks on nearby Walton Street, scheduled to last four days according to, are adding to delays. 

Road user Neil Harding explained: "Walton Street is inaccessible from the north end from Kingston Road.

Oxford Mail: Picture: Neil Harding Picture: Neil Harding

"Cars cannot exit Jericho along Walton Street - only (by) going to Worcester Street (can you) get out of the area."

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