GAS repairs and other roadworks in Oxford city centre could cause gridlock if they are not planned properly by highways managers, a county councillor has warned.

Liberal Democrat John Howson said he was concerned about the number of signs that have appeared, warning drivers and pedestrians of work being planned.

One of schemes, being led by gas company SGN, is warning of an eight-week closure of the stretch of road outside the entrance to the Worcester Street car park.

Oxford Mail:

Delays are expected in Hythe Bridge Street, according to other signs, from July 31 for two weeks of roadworks.

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And another warning sign in Frideswide Square warns drivers approaching Hythe Bridge Street that the road will be closed for two days on July 27 and July 28.

It is not clear whether any of the different schemes are linked, or how they relate to long-standing plans to make the George Street/Worcester Street/Hythe Bridge Street junction easier for pedestrians and cyclists to use.

Oxford Mail:

Mr Howson said: “A large number of signs have appeared on the roadside warning drivers of work that is being planned.

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“But there are so many different signs it’s quite confusing and the gas works closure in particular will have an effect on how Frideswide Square operates.

“If all this work is not planned carefully then you could get tailbacks in the square, with traffic stuck on the roundabouts.

Oxford Mail:

“It’s vital for the whole city that traffic is flowing smoothly through Frideswide Square otherwise you get gridlock and traffic tailing back.

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“It looks like a lot of work is planned in this area over the coming weeks and we need to get this right - there’s a risk of jamming the city’s road network.”

Oxford Mail:

Mr Howson said he wanted to see Hythe Bridge Street pedestrianised in the long term.

He added: “The pavements are very narrow and it’s the route that visitors use to walk into the historic centre when they arrive from the station.

Oxford Mail:

“It’s a very poor welcome at the moment for tourists and other visitors and I would like to see the road pedestrianised eventually - that would be the best option."

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Oxfordshire County Council has not yet provided details about the roadworks in the area referenced by the road signs.