THE MOTHER of a 12-year-old girl 'lucky to be alive' after she was hit by a car has called for a speed reduction and crossing on the road before 'someone is killed'.

Madison Dingle had to be rushed to the John Radcliffe Hospital last month after she was knocked down crossing Cumnor Hill, near the junction with Chawley Lane, on her way home from school.

The Matthew Arnold pupil, who lives just off the busy route, broke her leg, arm and jaw, with several teeth also knocked out in the horrific accident.

Oxford Mail:

Madison broke her jaw in the accident

Her mum Nichola Dingle said the family is 'blessed' she survived and are now campaigning for extra safety measures for the road, which is just outside Oxford, to stop anyone else going through what they have.

She launched an online petition via on Wednesday evening which has already gained more than 450 signatures, with dozens sharing their experiences of the road, which is regularly used by pupils from three local schools.

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The mother-of-five said: "Madison was on her way back from school and got off the bus.

"She went around the back, looked out and misjudged the distance of a car coming.

"I don't blame the driver at all, they were going the speed limit, but that is why something needs to be done about the road.

Oxford Mail:

An x-ray of Madison's leg with metal pins inserted

"If there had been a crossing this wouldn't have happened."

Mrs Dingle, who also has a 13-year-old and six-year-old, as well as two adult children, said she wanted 'something good' to come out of her daughter's injuries.

In the petition, she wrote: "The population in Cumnor has grown enormously with the new developments, houses and care homes. Three schools use this busy road set at 40mph.

"I’m proposing we petition to get the speed at least from the top of Cumnor Hill before you get to Kimmeridge Road to be reduced down to 30mph and also a pelican/pedestrian crossing."

Speaking to the paper, Mrs Dingle said now she wanted the limit to extend to all of Cumnor Hill and Oxford Road.

Oxford Mail:

Madison back at home following her accident

Mrs Dingle said that, while her daughter was slowly getting better after the June 21 accident, it would be 'six or seven years' before she would be fully healed.

She added: "Madison is well known in Cumnor and I think this has really shocked everyone.

"There have been lots of accidents on the road in the past but because no one has died we've never had a reduction in the speed."

Oxford Mail:

Cumnor Hill petition Cumnor Hill just after the Chawley Lane junction. Picture via Google Maps

A 'pedestrian safety refuge' was recently installed on Cumnor Hill by Kimmeridge Road but Mrs Dingle is calling for more robust steps.

Commenting on the online petition, Lorraine Watson-Parris wrote: "40 is too fast for such a built up area! More houses with the big development means many many more people and children.

"It has to be 30 in such a built up area!"

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Susanne Sklar added: "I live on Cumnor Hill and I'm amazed there haven't been more accidents! This is needed."

A meeting was held on Wednesday night with Mrs Dingle and concerned residents and parents, and she said she 'couldn't do it without them'.

Cumnor Parish Council will also discuss the petition, as well as steps to reduce accidents on the road, at its next Highways meeting on Tuesday.

An agenda for the meeting reveals speed surveys are set to be carried out at three points on Cumnor Hill in September.

An Oxfordshire County Council spokesman said: "First and foremost our thoughts are with the young girl and her family. Any accident is one too many.

"Our road traffic team is keen to meet the family, to better understand the circumstances surrounding what happened; and to help ascertain what steps should be considered to enhance safety on this stretch of road."