MOTORISTS faced miles of traffic on the A34 this evening after a vehicle overturned.

Highways England tweeted about the crash at about 6pm, and there was still five miles of traffic as of 6.45pm.

It happened just south of Chilton near the Berkshire border, and traffic was held for about 15 minutes while the blockage was moved. 

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One lane remained closed for at least an hour, but has since reopened and all delays have cleared.

Celebrity chef James Martin had warned his followers that the A34 had turned into a 'car park,' though he did not specify where.

He tweeted earlier that he had visited Raymond Blanc at Le Manoir in Great Milton. 

Oxfordshire County Council said the crash has necessitated repair works, and warned drivers to expect disruption 'for a while.'

It is not yet clear if anyone has been injured.

Less than two weeks ago, a motorcyclist died on that same stretch of the A34 after colliding with the central reservation.

Earlier that day there was another crash in almost exactly the same spot, in which a caravan overturned.

The crashes prompted fresh calls for safety measures on the A34, from the leader of Oxfordshire County Council.