A HOUSING developer has revealed plans to build more than 100 homes on the edge of an Oxfordshire village.

Pegasus Planning Group wants to build 106 homes in Cholsey near Wallingford.

The estate would be erected on a farmer's field south east of Wallingford Road, next to another plot of land where 68 homes are already under construction.

The entire plot was identified for housing in the Cholsey Neighbourhood Plan, drawn up by villages and now officially adopted.

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Pegasus has submitted its proposal to South Oxfordshire District Council in a type of planning application called a 'screening opinion'.

This means it is impossible to tell at first that the company is planning to build a new housing estate.

Oxford Mail:

Wallingford Road, Cholsey. Picture: Google Maps

In its description, the firm simply calls its application 'Request for an EIA screening opinion'.

To make things more confusing, it then describes the site in question as 'Land to the West of Wallingford', when it fact it is due south of the town.

In a letter attached to the planning application the company explains it wants to build 'up to 106' homes.

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Outlining some of the possible effects of the new housing, the company wrote: "Whilst the proposed development provides up to 106 residential dwellings which may house an increased local population, this is not considered to be an unusual or complex effect."

It also said that 'whilst there may be an effect on biodiversity.. any effects can be managed and are unlikely to be unusually complex or significant'.

Members of public can see the plan at southoxon.gov.uk using reference code P19/S2147/SCR