DIDCOT Town Council has become the latest to agree to fly the rainbow pride flag over its offices.

Councillor David Rouane proposed that the council buy a rainbow flag to fly during the month designation as Pride Month by Oxford Pride (currently June) and 'on any other suitable occasions'.

He added: "It should normally be flown throughout the month except on occasional commemorative days where the council may decide that another flag may take priority for that day.”

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In proposing the motion, Mr Rouane stressed that that flying the Pride flag was becoming less and less controversial, with other places in Oxfordshire increasingly doing so.

However he also took the opportunity to say he 'recognised the challenges faced by local members of the LGBT+ community in Didcot' and stressed the importance of having the town council 'show civic leadership in offering a sign of welcome'.

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Councillor Denise Macdonald suggested an amendment, which was accepted by Mr Rouane, that the council draw up a draft policy on flags, and that it inform the public via its website and social media of the reasons for the flag being flown.

The new Lib Dem leaders of Abingdon Town Council agreed to fly the Pride flag last month after the previously Tory-led council rejected the idea in 2016.