CRAZY costumes and even crazier creations lined the streets of Eynsham for the annual shirt race and carnival.

Bonkers buggies and fantastic floats both lined the village streets as festivities got under way on Saturday.

The event marked the 73rd year for Eynsham Carnival and organisers say it was a 'superb day' with even greater community involvement.

Oxford Mail:

Starting off the proceedings was the annual Eynsham Shirt Race where costumed-contestants battle it through a route of seven pubs and seven drinks along the way.

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Contestants took their incredible pram creations and came clattering through the village, drinks in hand, for the much-loved tradition.

Entrants included the Spice Girls, Peppa Pig, minions, farmers, flamingos, and the Flintstones, plus many more.

The Eynsham Carnival procession then took over as groups proudly paraded their floats through the village and onto the carnival field where prizes were awarded.

Among the many winners were The Jungle by Eynsham Girlguiding, the Mad Hatter's Tea Party by the Singleton family, the Little Miss Muffet float by Flo and May, and the Snail Whale by Alex.

Oxford Mail:

The Carnival queen and reverend Duncan Fraser were leading the way.

Carnival chairman Harold Jerred said: "It was lovely to see all the thousands of people outside lining the streets. That is what it is all about bringing the carnival to people who can't necessarily make it down to the field."

A host of fun and games followed the parade plus an array of crowd-pleasing performances.

Oxford Mail:

This included acts from the Jason Maverick Circus Show, Katy Sea the fire and Flow performer, the tug-o-war won by Eynsham Morris, welly wanging, and a performance from the marching band.

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Also in the arena wowing crowds with tips and tricks was the Sheep Show and then the Eynsham Carnival Dog Show for revellers to get involved in.

Mr Jerred said: "Last year we were somewhat sabotaged by the World Cup football and the heat on the day.

"But this time the cloud cover was brilliant to keep it at a sensible temperature, particularly for the animals.

Oxford Mail:

"The weather was great which meant we were back to the normal carnival with a great range of activities for people of all ages. There was the vintage vehicles through to the children's area and lots more for those in the middle, plus the fairground."

Oxford Mail:

This year's event was staged by a 15-person committee plus help from various community groups including a special thanks from organisers to St Leonards Church Youth Group.

Mr Jerred added: "It was a superb day and the main reason for that is all the helpers.

Oxford Mail:

"It is a very difficult thing to get help for these types of events and this time we had even more help than usual. It meant volunteers were able to relax and enjoy the carnival even more.

"So being able to walk around and see all the happy faces, lots of smiling people, and everyone enjoying themselves was great. It is a brilliant, community atmosphere."