YOUNG wildlife champion Alex White has a new book out.

In the countryside guide, along with a host of well-known contributors, he reveals the simple and low-cost ways that people can enjoy nature.

Together, in Get Your Boots On, they share their passion, reveal what got them into wildlife in the first place and show how to get closer to it.

Oxford Mail:

The book, the teenager’s first, features a cover with nearly 30 of the teenager’s photos in the segments of a boot print.

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Alex, 16, who lives in Appleton, near Abingdon, said: “I’m really excited that Get Your Boots On has been released this week.

“If it inspires one person to get out on their local patch and discover what amazing wildlife they can find on their doorstep, I’ll be happy.

Oxford Mail:

“The book is full of helpful hints, tips and advice on how to learn to love and care for the natural world around them.”

Springwatch presenter Chris Packham, who is supporting the book, said: “This is a fabulous and important book.

Oxford Mail:

“ It’s good, it’s inspirational and – critically – it’s heartening.”

The book also offers indispensable advice for those who would like to get more involved, or even build a career out of their passion for wildlife.

It suggests when and where to get out there; what to go looking for; how to do it; what to take and a host of other tips including practical advice on getting closer to nature.

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Alex has blogged about wildlife since the age of 10 in the Appleton Wildlife Diary.

Oxford Mail:

He has been a Local Patch reporter for BBC Wildlife Magazine, appeared on Springwatch Unsprung, won numerous awards for his photography, featured on wildlife panels and is a member of A Focus on Nature, the network for young nature conservationists, as well as Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire Wildlife Trust, The Oxon Mammal Group, The Badger Trust, and Oxfordshire Badger Group.

Oxford Mail:

Get Your Boots On is his first book and it is packed with the photos of British wildlife he has taken during his childhood and teenage years.

In 2016, the Matthew Arnold School pupil won rapturous applause from the Springwatch studio audience as he showed off pictures of a butterfly, a badger and a hare all captured around his village.

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He chuckled at the audience’s boos and hisses when the show’s presenter tried to tell him what he could do better.

When Alex revealed the shot of a sky blue butterfly delicately resting on an ear of corn Mr Packham said: “I quite like that - if I was going to be ruthless...” and the audience erupted in boos and jeers.

But Mr Packham added: “The thing is Alex, if you were to tell me that was the best picture in the world, I would say ‘what are you going to do tomorrow?’

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“I think as photographers – as artists – we can all continue to improve and we’ll only improve if we’re critical of our work so we see what we’ve done wrong so we can put it right next time.”

Alex’s stunning shot of a wide-eyed hare in a wheat field was also praised on Springwatch.

It won the Mammal Society’s Young Mammal Photographer of the Year 15-and-under category.

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