RESIDENTS have been left confused after a Google Maps pin appeared showing a KFC in their town - despite one not existing currently. 

Members of Facebook group 'I live in the town of Faringdon' spotted the new location pin this morning, leaving commenters scratching their heads about whether this could signal a new restaurant opening in the location planned.

Although Google Maps shows the area as greenland, the site off the A417 has actually been developed and contains supermarkets and a Costa Coffee. 

Work is still ongoing, but it's not yet clear what is planned for the rest of the space. 

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Fried chicken chain KFC says it is on the lookout for 500 new restaurant spaces in the UK (where it already has 900 open), but has not yet confirmed if Faringdon is included. 

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Residents of Faringdon had mixed reactions to the idea one could open in the town, with some worrying it could lead to traffic problems on the already-busy A420 and increased litter. 

But others were more excited at the prospect of getting their hands on a bargain bucket. 

Currently residents need to travel to Oxford or Swindon to enjoy the Kentucky-fried chicken. 

KFC was approached for comment.