THE family of a boy who was repeatedly punched and kicked in a 'brutal' attack want to give him his smile back.

As reported on the front of Tuesday's Oxford Mail, a 17-year-old boy was knocked unconscious and had his head stamped on at The Leys in Witney.

The assault happened at about 10pm on Saturday, after he had spent the day enjoying the LibFest music festival on the other side of the park.

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They left him bruised and bleeding and broke his front tooth, which will have to be removed and replaced.

His uncle has now launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise £1,500, to pay for a new tooth.

Posting on the fundraising page, he wrote: "My nephew was brutally attacked, he was knocked unconscious and then the attacker repeatedly hit and kicked him in the face and head while on the floor.

"He suffered swelling and bruising to his face, but the permanent damage to his tooth is why I’m here asking for contributions, no matter how small.

"He is only 17 and has now had to have his front tooth removed as the dentists were unable to save it, due to it being broken at the root in the attack."

Although dentists can fit a denture or bridge, his mum hopes to find the money to fit an implant, so he can smile confidently again.

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The GoFundMe page adds: "Although this can’t be done until he’s 18, she is going to start saving for it now.

"The cost of this is around £2,000 [and] a lot of people have been asking if there is a GoFundMe as they want to contribute to help him out.

"The poor lad has also had to lose out on wages too while recovering.

"Anyone who knows him knows what a lovely lad he is - he didn’t deserve this."

The page raised more than £500 within 24 hours.

One supporter wrote: "A mother's worst nightmare and such a lovely caring family this lad has - so sad, what has happened to this little town?"

In an updated post, the boy's uncle wrote: "Thank you so much, amazed by the donations already given and all the shares, cannot thank you enough!"

Police are investigating the attack but have not yet made any arrests.

Anyone with information can call 101, quoting reference 43190197560.

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