AN HMP Bullingdon inmate caught using a mobile phone has been jailed - but won't spend any extra time inside.

Mohammed Younis was at the prison near Bicester having been recalled back to jail after his release for further offending.

Because he had breached his post-release licence he was back at Bullingdon on June 9 last year when he was caught by guards at the prison while using a phone from a cell.

Prosecutor Jonathan Stone said at his sentencing hearing at Oxford Crown Court yesterday that when Younis was rumbled by guards the 33-year old immediately threw the device out of an open prison window.

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Officers later seized the item and Younis went on to admit one count of having inside a prison a prohibited item before his sentencing hearing yesterday.

In mitigation the court heard that Younis was not the owner of the phone and his offending had been 'short-lived'.

Later investigation of the device found that contacts made on the phone did not relate to Younis or to his accepted list of pre-agreed contacts.

Sentencing, Judge Ian Pringle QC said that ordinarily offences of having a phone in prison would lead to longer spells inside.

He said: "You must know and I think everyone now starts to know, you will get a consecutive sentence for having a mobile phone.

"In your case I accept it was not your phone."

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Despite initially ordering that a consecutive sentence of two months be imposed it was revealed that for a prisoner serving the remainder of a sentence on recall a consecutive sentence could not be ordered.

Judge Pringle ordered a four-month jail term for the offence instead, and Younis is now expected to serve the remainder of his sentence - up to eight months in prison.

He must also pay a victim surcharge.