AN OXFORD group has raised serious concerns about a self-professed ‘psychic healer’ who claims to be able to cure people by channelling a ‘spirit surgeon’.

Jeanette Wilson, a former bank manager who is originally from New Zealand, is currently touring the UK.

This includes an appearance at the Bicester Hotel Golf and Spa in Bicester tonight, where people can pay £20 for a two hour ‘psychic surgery’ demonstration.

She will also be back at the venue on August 3.

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Recordings from previous shows have reportedly seen Ms Wilson claiming to have treated knee pain, arthritis, stroke damage, and fibromyalgia by channelling a spirit guide.

Ms Wilson’s website states: “Jeanette’s guides have helped countless people with all manner of mental, emotional and physical conditions.”

Oxford Skeptics in the Pub host Jo Selwood said: “We are worried that sick and vulnerable people might delay seeking proper medical help, and instead pay to go to Ms Wilson’s show so that she can perform an alleged healing, even though there has never been any good evidence of the existence of spirit world powers that can treat physical ailments.

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"Not only is there the real risk of people wasting their time and money, any delays in getting medical help could make their conditions worse.”

Oxford Skeptics also raised concerns about reports that at other shows on the current tour, attendees have been given leaflets containing links to anti-vaccination websites.

Ms Selwood said: “When Public Health England are reporting that measles cases are on the increase in the UK, it’s highly irresponsible to be spreading information that could discourage people from vaccinating their children.”