A MASS street brawl outside a town nightclub was described by a court judge yesterday as among the “worst violence” he had ever seen.

Two men - Callum Barber, 23, and Robert Spencer, 28, - were both jailed for their part in the savage, prolonged melee outside Shush nightclub, Wantage in the early hours of September 17 2017.

Extraordinary CCTV footage played at Oxford Crown Court yesterday of the street skirmish showed repeated punches and kicks amongst a throng of revellers who had packed out the town’s streets.

Sentencing, Judge Nigel Daly said: "I watched that CCTV and I wondered when it was going to stop.

"The violence just went on and on and on. Violence being used upon members of the public who no doubt had been out that evening in Wantage enjoying themselves.

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"This is a particularly populated public place on a Saturday night and you both get yourselves involved in significant violence.

"It is the worst incident of public violence I have seen for a long time. Repeated punches to numerous people, kicking. It was shocking."

The court heard yesterday that the trigger for the battle was a number of revellers making 'w***er' gestures to a passing red car.

One member of the public stuck his head inside the moving vehicle, which later came to a halt near the throng and both Barber and Spencer then emerged.

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Detailing the mass brawl that ensued, prosecutor Jane Brady said that Barber soon after pushed a woman to the ground, before throwing a strong punch at another woman, who was instantly floored.

Barber, having removed his shirt, then adopted a 'boxing stance' before repeatedly punching a number of members of the public.

He was also seen to 'moon' at passers-by during the violence. His accomplice Spencer was also embroiled in the night's violence, swinging punches at people.

Footage of the incident played to the court showed a swathe of people outside the club while multiple fights go on amongst various groups for some 10 minutes.

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Eventually the pair get back in to the red car along with two women and they drove off.

Prosecutors said that after analysis of the CCTV Barber - referred to as the 'leader' of the violence, attacked at least eight different people, while Spencer at least two.

During mitigation at the hearing Kellie Enever, representing Barber, said that her client was 'ashamed' at what he had done and was remorseful.

John Bryant, representing Spencer, said that his client had acted in a 'subordinate' role compared to Barber, and called the violence 'impulsive and stupid'.

Barber, of Lower Common, Hook, was jailed for a total of 16 months and Spencer, of Gorrick Square, Wokingham, was jailed for 10 months.

They must also both pay a victim surcharge.