GEOGRAPHY students from a school near Wallingford visited the 'world class' facilities at a local research centre for an introduction to all things water last week.

GCSE pupils at Watlington's Icknield Community College were given a taste of how engineers and scientists battle flooding, the climate crisis and other water-related issues at HR Wallingford.

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The youngsters visited the engineering and environmental hydraulics organisation's laboratories and watched a demonstration of the company's award-winning ARCboat, from the banks of the river Thames, to learn how the measurements it takes can help to manage flooding.

The 'Subject Focus Day' on Friday tied in with the group's GCSE curriculum as well as giving the students a taste of how engineers and scientists help with the pressing problems of the day linked to water.

Oxford Mail:

Head of Geography Daniel Moden explained: "We (had) the opportunity to see world class modelling laboratories and how coastal projects are planned and managed.

" Not only (did) the day provide strong links to the GCSE Geography curriculum, but it also (opened) students’ eyes to career pathways open to them in our local area."

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Based at Crowmarsh Gifford's Howbery Park, HR Wallingford has extensive laboratories that include scale models of ports, harbours and coastal defences.

Director of science and skills development Dr Mike Dearnaley said: “We (are committed) to promoting STEM subjects and are keen to share our experience with local schools. Our people and facilities are exceptional and we hope they inspire future generations to consider a career in science and engineering.”