OXFORDSHIRE drivers are being ripped off by up to 24p per litre at service stations.

New PetrolPrices.com data suggests prices at motorway services could cost motorists £20 per tank compared to local alternatives.

The report ranked the M40's Cherwell Valley services the county's priciest, for charging 148.9p (petrol) and 155.9p (diesel).

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The study suggests that, nationwide, service stations are charging up to 37p per litre of fuel more than their nearest station, taking advantage of the captive market.

The Cherwell services, ranked the fifth worst offender in the country for petrol, charges 24p per litre more than Tesco Bicester Lakeview, which is 6.7 miles away.

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That equates to £10.08 more per tank when filling up the 42L tank.

Diesel at motorway service stations in the county costs even more, with Cherwell Valley services again topping the disparity rankings, charging 26p per litre more again than Tesco, and making it one of four stations nationwide to make the top ten for both fuel types.

However, the service station was recently ranked second in the country as the best service station.

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Oxford Services, also on the M40, charges 24.2p more per litre than the nearby Asda Automat.

Kitty Bates, consumer spokesperson at PetrolPrices.com, said: “Our research shows that many motorway service stations are pricing their fuel well over the odds, with some stations charging up to 37p per litre more than their nearest forecourt operator.

“Motorway Service Areas have long been overpriced because operators know that motorists have to fill up there, and they have a captive audience, so they charge a similar rate year round, regardless of the fluctuations in the wholesale industry.

"We would encourage drivers to find the best fuel deal local to them, or along their intended route, before they set off. For too long millions of UK motorists have been stung by extortionate motorway service area fuel prices.”