THE annual celebration of Alice in Wonderland will take place at venues across Oxford as Lewis Carroll’s surreal story is brought to life with music, theatre and dance.

The one-day festival, coordinated by The Story Museum in Pembroke Street, is being staged on Saturday, July 6.

Different events will take place at The University Museum of Natural History, The Ashmolean, Blackwells Bookshop, Oxfordshire Central Library, Alice’s Shop, The History of Science Museum, The Museum of Oxford, the Botanic Garden, Christ Church and the Bodleian Library.

Oxford Mail:

Story Museum spokesman David Gibb said: “Visitors won’t need to look hard to find the action, with giant White Rabbits making their way round the city centre, the Queen of Hearts riding her Dodo across the lawn of the Natural History Museum and a special White Rabbit trail taking place in Oxford’s historic Covered Market.”

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The Alice legend started on July 4, 1862, when Oxford mathematics don Charles Dodgson, known to the world as Lewis Carroll, took Alice Liddell and her sisters on a Thames boat trip upstream towards Binsey and Godstow.

The account of how he told the children a story about a little girl tumbling down a rabbit hole into a topsy-turvy world called Wonderland – and how the delighted 10-year-old Alice begged him to write it down – is well known after Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland was published in 1865.

Oxford Mail:

The sequel, Alice Though the Looking Glass, was published in 1871.

Oxford first staged the Alice’s Day celebrations in Oxford in 2005.

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Highlights this year include meeting the Queen of Hearts and her royal animal companion, the last known living specimen of the Dodo bird at the Museum of Natural History in Parks Road, from 10am to 5pm, bouncing white rabbits created by the Grand Theatre of Lemmings in the city centre throughout the day and at 2pm in Blackwell’s in Broad Street, authors Robin Stevens, Amy Wilson and Patrice Lawrence will discuss their contributions to Return To Wonderland, a new collection of original stories inspired by the works of Lewis Carroll.

Oxford Mail:

The Story Museum, a registered charity, is undergoing a major revamp and it will be fully reopened to the public next year. Parts of the building remain open.

Mr Gibb added: “It goes without saying that there will be a home for Alice and her friends in the newly transformed museum, with a special Alice In Wonderland interactive exhibition.

Oxford Mail:

“Other highlights of the new museum will include a 120-seat purpose built theatre, a Whispering Wood, an Enchanted Library, and a dedicated early year’s space entitled Small Worlds.

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“For those who cannot possibly wait until Spring 2020, Alice’s Day is the perfect chance to get a taste of the magic that is yet to come."

Oxford Mail:

The celebration commemorates an important moment for children’s literature and for Oxford.

Alice’s Adventures became one of the most popular, most widely quoted and most widely translated children’s book ever written, with editions even in Esperanto and shorthand.

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