A MAN claimed that his car could have been 'cloned' in a bid to get out of a speeding ticket, a court heard.

Prosecutors at Oxford Crown Court claim that Jamie Faulkner perverted the course of justice over a seven-month period after he was spotted driving 51 mph in a 30 mph area in December 2016.

The 48-year old Slough Road, Iver Heath, Buckinghamshire denies one count of doing acts tending or intending to pervert the course of public justice.

Outlining the case at the start of his trial yesterday prosecutor Edward Culver said: "It is a case about a man trying to evade a speeding ticket.

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"He did so, the prosecution say, by a series of acts where he attempted to evade culpability and responsibility for something he was well aware he had done."

Jurors were told that after the speeding was spotted by a camera Faulkner signed a form admitting to being the driver of his Vauxhall Vectra at the time.

Mr Culver said that after police sent another letter stating the speeding could not be dealt with by way of a fixed penalty notice Faulkner did not attend his court hearing and he was convicted in absence.

It was during this time, jurors were told, that Faulkner claimed he was in fact not the driver at the time and 'made physical adjustments' to his car.

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Faulkner also made claims, the court heard, that his car may have been 'cloned' with the licence plate duplicated by another driver.

He later pleaded guilty to the offence at court, Mr Culver said, before he was dealt with in December 2017.

Mr Culver added: "These acts were deliberate on his part with a deliberate aim in mind."

Jurors were also told that when interviewed by police Faulkner said he was dyslexic and may have filled out the form 'in error'.

The trial continues.