A BOMB disposal team carried out a controlled explosion of a WW1 grenade in Bicester on Saturday evening.

Jamie Jessett, who lives on the Kingsmere Estate, was eating a burger at the Acorn pub near Bicester Village, when he heard a 'big bang' at around 7pm.

On his way to the pub, he saw a police van blocking a path way near Epsom Way on the Kingsmere Estate.

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The 23-year-old said: "I only saw one police van however when they did the explosion I was sat at The Acorn pub near Bicester Village eating a burger and heard the big bang."

Jarrod Naisbit, 28, from Bicester, had found the grenade in a canal in Oxford on Saturday whilst magnet fishing.

He said he was unaware of what it was until he did some research and police told him the grenade still held explosives.

He said: "I did a little research and spoke to a couple friends. I called 101 to get someone to look into it as I also found a WW1 barrel of a Luger p08 hand gun.

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"An armed police unit arrived very quickly and cornered off the area. I spoke to a police officer after the bomb squad arrived to try get some peace of mind (hoping I wasn't carrying around a explosive) he stated it is a grenade and held 30grams of explosives.

"I was shocked to say the least."

Oxford Mail: The WW1 grenade that Mr Naisbit found while magnet fishing in an Oxford canalThe WW1 grenade that Mr Naisbit found while magnet fishing in an Oxford canal

Bicester residents took to Facebook saying they heard the bang and saw the police bomb disposal team. 

Oxford Mail:

Elaina Earnshaw said she saw the police vans and bomb disposal team outside her house after returning from a day out at around 5pm.

She said: "They were already here with the area all cordened off but was there for another 2 hours."