A ROBBER who circled a woman on his bicycle before attacking her and chasing her to her home has been jailed.

A judge yesterday called the robbery carried out by Steven Kilara-Babu a ‘terrifying’ ordeal for the student victim.

The 21-year-old of Frys Hill, Oxford, had already pleaded guilty to robbery and possession of cannabis.

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Detailing the offences at Oxford Crown Court yesterday, prosecutor Cathy Olliver said that Kilara-Babu had been out riding a bicycle on the night of the attack on April 24.

His victim – a university student – had been visiting family in Blackbird Leys and left at about 8.45pm to start travelling back to her university.

Oxford Mail:

While walking towards at bus stop near Blackbird Leys Road she spotted Kilara-Babu riding a bicycle near her.

Ms Olliver said that he rode ‘round and round’ her and added: “She didn’t like it, thought there was something odd about him.”

He then shouted out to the woman ‘hey girl’ which she ignored before becoming ‘angry’ at her.

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Ms Olliver said: “He said ‘why are you not talking to me?’ he said ‘speak to me properly or I will stab you’.

“She looked down and could see he had a clenched fist, she could not see a weapon but was scared.”

Terrified, the woman then turned around and started walking back to the house she had come from.

Oxford Mail:

She put her mobile phone in her hands and was frantically trying to find a number to call when Kilara-Babu, who had been following her, ‘tugged’ at a bag she was carrying.

He then reached out and grabbed her phone before the woman ran off back to her family home.

Barricading herself inside, the police were called and Kilara-Babu was located soon after in a park after using a phone tracking application.

He was arrested despite ‘resisting’ officers and found to have cannabis on him.

In mitigation, defence barrister Michael Harrison said that his client had carried out the offence initially because his victim had refused to talk to him.

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He said: “He was trying to engage in conversation, it seems to be more that she was not prepared to talk to him and he has taken some sort of offence by that.”

He added that his client – who is originally from Uganda – had had a difficult family life and a difficult upbringing.

Sentencing, Judge Ian Pringle QC said: “It was a particularly terrifying experience for that young lady.

“I hope when you have time to reflect on it you realise what terror you struck into her.

“I have no option but to pass an immediate custodial sentence for this.”

Kilara-Babu was jailed for 30 months for the robbery and one month concurrent for the possession of cannabis. He must also pay a victim surcharge.