ONE of Oxford's most treasured beauty spots has been blighted by a trail of 'trashing' mess left by students.

Foam, confetti and bottle corks have been left strewn along the riverbank at Christ Church Meadow, after Oxford University students flouted rules to celebrate the end of exams.

'Trashing' dates back decades and sees students cover each other with Champagne or fizzy wine, shaving foam, flower garlands and silly string, despite the university and its colleges banning such 'antisocial' behaviour.

Huge crowds gathered next to the River Cherwell in the meadow on Saturday, as 'trashed' students jumped into the water to raucous reaction.

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Oxford Mail:

This week the remnants of their actions could be seen, with clumps of silly string seen stuck to foliage at the water's edge, just yards from where ducks were swimming.

The university's academic year ends tomorrow, and the evidence of trashing is clear in the vicinity of the Examination Schools in High Street.

In 2017

Christ Church Meadow closed at certain times over a six-week period,

to protect it from trashing, but no closure appears to be in place this year.

The university has condemned students for engaging in the practice, warning them that they are liable to 'significant fines' for breaking its discipline code.

James Lawrie, treasurer of Christ Church, told the Oxford Mail: "We deplore this habit and do everything we reasonably can to prevent it, but there is a limit to what we can do.

"It is a thorough nuisance and we absolutely oppose it.

"Some revolting things are thrown over people and our staff have to clear it up.

"It reflects the infantalism of a certain part of our student body."

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An Oxford University spokesperson added: "Antisocial post-examination celebration, or ‘trashing’, has long been - and continues to be - against university regulations, and students breaking the rules are liable to significant fines.

"We will be running the What a Waste campaign once again this year, in which we will be asking students to consider the social, environmental and personal impacts of trashing – as well as reminding them that it contravenes the University’s Code of Discipline.

"While we appreciate that students want to celebrate after exams, we urge them to do so considerately."

According to the Cherwell student newspaper, the university's security staff were paid £20,000 in overtime in 2017 to control celebrations, and £3,500 was paid to Oxford City Council to clean Merton Street following trashings.