AN Oxford University professor has warned that ‘a child will die’ on one city road if the County Council does not act.

Speaking about a stretch of the A40 near the Green Road Roundabout, Professor Danny Dorling pleaded: “Please can we get the Northern Bypass and the Ring Road down from the Green Road Roundabout down that hill heading towards Barton Park to 40mph rather than 50mph, because otherwise a child is going to die, within the next two years, crossing the ring road and those traffic lights.”

Going off topic at a Town Hall debate about the planned Oxford to Cambridge Expressway earlier this week, he added: “The County Council is insisting that cars should be able to drive at 50mph... You will not get there any faster at 40.

In October, a boy was hit by a car at the crossing next to new Oxfotrd housing estate Barton Park

Oxford Mail:

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“Oppose the Expressway, but actually ask your elected councillors and officials to do their job and make the city better.”

PROFILE: Oxford geography professor and author Danny Dorling

Oxford Mail:

County Council spokesman Paul Smith said: “We’re always happy to hear from people or organisations who have thoughts on how appropriate a speed limit may be at any location in Oxfordshire.”