THE SIX plans submitted to Oxford City Council this week include plans for a new beauty shop on the high street and a blue plaque to commemorate Oxford United on a pub.

To view any of the planning applications in full, visit the Oxford City Council online planning portal, and use the reference numbers below.

Oxford Mail:

  • ‘Smelly’ sheds which are targeted by vandals will be knocked down, if plans go ahead.

A set of brick sheds will be bulldozed to the ground, and in its place will be a communal garden for residents to lounge in.

Developers behind the plans say they were contacted by a local councillor with a view of improving the area for residents and plans were made for a revamped community garden.

The sheds are being used by two residents, who have been told about the plan, but developers say a compromise has been made to re-build two bigger eco-sheds at the bottom of the new garden.

In the plans they wrote: “The site itself has been targeted by vandals and the current garden area smells of rubbish when you enter or exit the building, due to the neglect and layout of the bin storage.”

To view the plans in full use 19/01490/CT3

Address: Site Of 1 To 7 Birchfield Close Oxford Oxfordshire

The idea is the current doors – which the museum bosses say are not energy efficient, are pinned back for safety reasons and are not disabled friendly – will be removed, along with the hinges and bits of the floor.

Then the swish new doors will be put in their place. These will open at the touch of a ‘push’ button on the wall, and automatically for those who are leaving the Grade I museum.  

View the plans using 19/01478/LBC

Address: Ashmolean Museum Beaumont Street Oxford OX1 2PH

  • The old school of the director of Skyfall, Sam Mendes, wants to roll over its planning permission by another five years to give them more time to fundraise for bigger developments.

Plans for a temporary building and more study space at Magdalen College School, on Cowley Place, was first given the go-ahead by the council back in June 2014.

Part of the conditions of approval meant the building needed to be gone within five-years.

However, the school is now wanting to renew the plans and extend it’s permission by another five years. Bringing the total maximum amount of time up to a decade.

Bosses at the college say they are putting together a review for bigger developments but need time to raise the cash to implement the ideas.

In the plans, which can be found using the reference  19/01577/VAR they say: “It would therefore like the security of knowing that a medical centre can remain and operate for a maximum of five years without having to fund and apply for an alternative location for it within the normal three year period.”

Address: Magdalen College School Cowley Place Oxford OX4 1DZ

Oxford Mail:

  • A barber shop that is taking over an old newsagents on St Giles’ has asked the council if they can revamp the outside sign.

The shop’s sign, above the window, used to be an overhanging canopy which said ‘independent newsagents’ - but now the hairdressing bosses want to replace it with a swish black and grey plaque that will say ‘St. Giles Barbers’ with two big scissors either side.

The managers also need special permission from the council because of the historic grade II listing of the shop front.

Use the reference: 19/01509/ADV

Address: 51 St Giles Oxford OX1 3LU

  • An empty shop on St Ebbe’s could be turned into a beauty salon, but permission is needed from the council to change the official use of the shop.

The former ‘Eye Site’ opticians is next to Electric Hairdressing.

Read the detail here

Use the reference 19/01519/FUL

  • A blue plaque could be fixed to the wall of an Oxford pub to celebrate the beginnings of the city’s biggest football club.

If the plans go ahead, then the 16-inch medallion will be put on the wall of the Britannia Inn, facing onto London Road, which is where the club was founded as ‘Headington FC’ in 1893.

But first, special permission is needed from the council because of the pubs historic Grade II status.

Read more detail here

Use the reference: 19/01518/LBC