YOBS who sprayed rude graffiti across the stand of a local football club have been identified after they posted a video of the vandalism on social media. 

But police say they won't be taking action against the youngsters - because the damage was not permanent. 

At least three teenagers were filmed defacing a section of Kidlington Football Club's ground in Yarnton Road in a clip posted online yesterday. 

Oxford Mail:

Giant penises were sprayed along the floor and steps of one of the stands of the Evo-Stik League South Division 1 Central club's base.

Club secretary, David Platt, said they had only become aware of what had happened when a player saw the video circulating online.

Further investigation this morning has found that shaving foam had been used to spray the graffiti and police say they can't do anything as it can be easily cleaned up, according to Mr Platt. 

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He said: "At the time it looked like something more permanent but that doesn't make it right. 

"They are identifiable in the video and one even used their real name to post it online. 

"You would have thought the police could have paid them a visit and given them a warning to teach them a bit of a lesson. 

"While it can be relatively easily cleaned, it is still unacceptable."

Oxford Mail:

The club posted the clip on its own Twitter page in the hope that people in the local area will recognise those responsible. 

They are hoping to get a message back to the teenagers that their actions have consequences. 

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The club has suffered from repeated vandalism over the years with seats burnt, lights smashed and litter, including needles, left lying around. 

The ground is on a public right of way that can't be closed off so they struggle to defend themselves.

Oxford Mail:

Mr Platt said: "It's a volunteer-run community club and we have really suffered over the years. 

"It is just totally demoralising when you have worked so hard and spent money to improve the ground that this sort of mindless vandalism still takes place. 

"It's made worse when the police won't take action to stop it happening again."

Police spokeswoman Caity Rosetti said: "Thames Valley Police was called to Kidlington Football Club, Yarnton Road at around 9.30pm yesterday.

"Officers found that images had been drawn on the stands using fake snow.

"As no permanent damage has been caused to the stands, no crime has taken place and there will be no further investigation into this incident."