A TWITTER account set up with the aim of giving Oxford Union the cold shoulder has now urged Philip Pullman to get involved and cancel his talk tonight.

The Oxford author of His Dark Materials was approached by the group Boycott the Oxford Union on Twitter ahead of his talk at the famous debating chamber tonight.

The group said: "Hey @PhilipPullman, we see you’re due to speak at the Oxford Union this week. The Union plays a key role in emboldening the rising far right. Please consider supporting the boycott led by Oxford students and residents."

They attached a link to a petition which calls on people to pledge to 'boycott' the famous house until it stops giving a stage to 'racist and fascist' speakers.

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The group formed last month when TV star Katie Hopkins – who is well known for her controversial opinions –debated the idea of 'no platforming' – not giving a stage to people with offensive things to say.

Oxford Mail:

On the night of the debate, the group rallied outside St Michael's Street and shouted 'shame on you' and 'scum' at guests to the debate.

The Twitter page, @OxUnionBoycott has now racked up 257 followers, among those is Labour city councillors Martyn Rush and Dan Iley- Williamson.

Mr Rush said he was not at the protests, but supports the group.

He said: "The Oxford Union hosts a disproportionate amount of far right extremists, people like Katie Hopkins, who are part of the global far right network."

Philip Pullman is due to chat at 8pm this evening, and despite the calls to drop-out confirmed he will still be speaking.

The Oxford Union has previously said guests are given the opportunity to challenge speakers ideas.