A SOCIAL worker is still looking for love after a 'disastrous' dinner on TV's First Dates.

Becky Lee appeared on the popular Channel 4 reality show twice last month, winning sympathy from the nation as her first date repeatedly checked the football scores mid-meal.

The 37-year-old Oxfordshire County Council employee, who lives near Wallingford, said: "It was the most disastrous date ever, much to my obliviousness - I obviously hadn't picked up on some of the things that were said behind my back.

"What came out of this huge disaster was the most loveliest outpouring of support and kindness from people who just wanted to reach out and tell me not to worry and not to allow his comments to get me down."

Viewers took to Twitter to defend Ms Lee when her date snubbed their conversation in favour of his phone, then described her as a '6.5 out of 10.'

She took a second stab at romance with another blind date on the show the next week, but he dashed her hopes when he suggested they remain friends.

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Mother-of-two Ms Lee said: "I definitely would have gone on a second date but I wasn’t going to go home and cry into my pillow.

"I really appreciated his honesty. Even when I left that evening I was really happy because I’d met someone else who was really lovely.

"We genuinely have stayed in touch as friends. We’re like-minded souls but we’re just not romantically connected."

Ms Lee spoke on the show about how she discovered flirtatious messages on her husband's Facebook account, which led to the demise of their relationship.

She said she kept strong for her two daughters, adding: "There was no way my heartbreak was going to spill into their tiny little hearts."

While she is yet to find her own soulmate, Ms Lee is a skilled matchmaker as part of the council's Shared Lives project.

Oxford Mail:

The scheme helps to recruit carers ready to share their home, and matches them with adults in need of practical and emotional support.

It can be anything from occasional short breaks or daytime support, to a longer-term, full-time arrangement.

Ms Lee said: "Being a caring person and opening your heart to people is one thing, but opening up your whole lifestyle and home and inviting that person to share it with you is really going above and beyond.

"When it works it’s just the best - we’ve had people in placements for years and years and years.

"It really empowers that person to become their best self and be independent."

There are currently 80 carers providing a home for about 120 adults in the county, and the Shared Lives team is keen to recruit more.

All carers receive ongoing support and training from social workers to ensure delivery of high-quality, person-centred care.

They could also be paid up to just over £400 per week for each person they support.

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Lawrie Stratford, the council's cabinet member for adult social care, said: "The support our carers give makes a huge difference to the lives of people using the service, often enabling them to experience new opportunities and reach new goals.

"If you have a spare room to offer and would like to play a key part in making a positive difference to someone’s life, then we really want to hear from you."

Shared Lives carers can be single people, parents, couples who live together, married couples, couples with children or friends sharing accommodation.

Carers need to either own or rent their own home, and have a spare bedroom.

No qualifications or experience are needed but the council seeks people who can communicate effectively, build positive relationships and enable people to make choices and decisions.

Asked if she would return to the First Dates restaurant, Ms Lee said: "Never say never."

Anyone interested in helping can call 01865 897971 or visit