A PET ferret has been found after more than 14 hours on the loose in Blackbird Leys. 

Snipas the ferret went missing from Field Avenue Road at about 8pm last night, and her owner Do Vis had urged people to keep an eye out for her.

The animal was found in a garden earlier this afternoon and has now been reunited with its owner.

Mr Vis said the ferret must have escaped either by jumping from a window upstairs, or sneaking out while a friend opened the doors into their garden.

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Mr Vis described the animal as 'very friendly'. 

Yesterday Abivale Vetinary Group in Abingdon posted on Facebook about another ferret, which was found on Saturday in Greater Leys.

The post said the pet, which appeared to be an albino ferret, had been 'seen in the local area for a few weeks.'

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There have been several posts about ferrets in recent weeks on the Pets Lost and Found in Oxfordshire Facebook page, which shares information about missing pets in the county. 

One ferret was found last week at Nottcutts Garden Centre in Nuneham Courtney, while another was seen 'running around and sitting in Grenoble Road.'