UNEXPECTED sunshine, live music and community spirit made sure the Jericho Street Fair was once again a roaring success.

Despite other events in the city being cancelled because of an extreme weather warning, and grey skies looming over Canal Street, organisers at the popular party insisted the show must go on.

It was a packed out crowd at the long-running event yesterday, with revellers enjoying the annual festivities organised by the Jericho Community Association.

It's unknown exactly when it first stated but organisers say it's now been going for more than 30 years.

Oxford Mail:

Armed with a clipboard and a 'windometer' to make sure the bouncy castle was still safe to go-ahead the community association chair Charlotte Christie said the event was important for neighbours to mingle.

She said: “It’s important for residents to be able to come out into the street to meet their neighbours.

"If they want they can spend some money, but they don’t have to.

"We are able to close the street off without too much of an issue, and we can have a nice time here."

Oxford Mail:

As well as stalls and stands for various groups like the committee and Thames Valley Police, there was also live entertainment and traders tempting tastebuds with exotic treats and homemade cakes.

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Live music from Oxford artists played throughout the afternoon, and children could adorn their faces with paint before jumping on the bouncy castles and watching morris dancers and sumo wrestling.

Oxford Mail:

Ms Christie added: "The community centre is open and we are not usually able to have it open all the time – so it is quite nice to be able to run something like this when people can just come in and meet each other."

The aim of the fiesta is to get the community out and enjoying themselves with their neighbours, but has long been linked to efforts to get a new community hub for Jericho.

However, a new centre is still some way off and will be part of a proposed scheme for the development of the local boatyard just behind Canal Street.

The idea is, when plans have been submitted for the major development then big community events to fundraise cash for the new centre will commence.

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Colin Cook, who is a councillor for Jericho and Osney was also at the popular street fair.

He said: "It's a great opportunity to bring the community together, raising a bit of money for the new community centre.

"It's actually more of a fun-raiser than a fund-raiser. We have some fun, and it is good to get the community out.

"Jericho is one of those remaining areas in Oxford that is a good place for community and a good sense of fun."