PEOPLE can fling off their clothes - and swimming costumes - for the Great British Skinny Dip at Didcot Wave swimming pool this July.

As part of the national month-long campaign by British Naturism, venues across the nation will open up their pools to nudity.

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The Great British Skinny Dip aims to raise awareness of the health benefits of being naked and British Naturism says studies show that spending time naked - especially with others - can make us happier.

The event will come to the Didcot Wave on Saturday, July 13, from 7.15pm to 8.45pm.

Entry will cost £10 (with use of lockers at £1 as standard), and visitors must bring photo ID such as a driving licence.

British Naturism advertise the event as a chance to meet the members of their club and ask about what it is like at club sites.

There are a number of venues that are due to host the event and more skinny dip events are currently being scheduled.

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Spokesman Andrew Welch said: "People who regularly shed their clothes know that the benefits include improved well-being, reduced stress and an increase in body confidence.

"It’s also liberating and a lot of fun! Millions of people worldwide have discovered this simple antidote to the stresses of modern life and we want to encourage more people to experience it."