A NEW study has ranked Oxfordshire's golf clubs based on the number of crimes recorded within a one-mile radius.

Ranking 12 clubs in the county for crimes in the surrounding area, golfing retailer golfsupport.com suggested that Oxford Golf Club had nearly 5,000 crimes take place nearby in 2018.

Aiming to test whether golf clubs - which are often located in affluent and safe areas - are subject to much local crime, the website put together a ranking based on statistics from UKcrimestats.com

The nationwide study suggests that the Oxford club was located in the eighth most dangerous area of any British club, with 4,633 crimes taking place in a one-mile radius in the 12 month period – the equivalent of around 13 incidents a day.

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The Hill Top Road club is located between Cowley and Headington.

North Oxford Golf Club was ranked the second most dangerously located in the county, with 716 incidences of crimes reported last year.

Waterstock, Radley and Burstock were third, fourth and fifth respectively in Oxfordshire.

Elsewhere, Wychwood Golf Club and Studley Wood Golf Club were located in the safest areas, with just five crimes reported each.

The country's most dangerous clubs are located in Leeds – where there were 7,106 crimes reported in its surrounding area – Nottingham and West London.

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Gary Swift, managing director of GolfSupport.com said: “Golf is viewed by many as a luxury sport. Within this perception, many consider golf clubs to only be based in wealthy and safe areas. This research though, debunks this belief, as golf clubs’ locations vary and are not always positioned in affluent parts of a town or city.

"Additionally, it provides a great insight into which golf clubs in England and Wales have the most ‘dangerous’ surroundings when considering the prevalence of crimes in the area they are based in. With certain golf clubs’ areas suffering from a much higher-level of crime than would be expected”.