Written by Shabnam Sabir, who is helping co-organising this year's Oxford Eid Extravaganza with Mujahid Hamidi and Hassan Sabrie.

The Oxford Eid Extravaganza, taking place this Sunday for the fourth year, is an opportunity for the Muslim community to celebrate Eid with all other communities in Oxford.

It’s an invite to people of all faiths and no faiths and it’s open to people of all ages and backgrounds.

Last year we had 5,000 people in attendance and has proven to be the biggest Eid event Oxford had ever had celebrating with people from all nationalities.

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We want as many people as possible to come to this year’s event – we’ve got lots of activities and even a mini World Cup football tournament called the environment cup!

Students from EMBS Community College designed the medals for the cup using recycled reclaimed wood to highlight the importance of protecting the environment.

Oxford Mail:

We are also a headline event as part of this year’s Oxford Green Week organised by Oxford City Council.

Taking care of the environment is a responsibility for everyone and this event is an opportunity for us to raise awareness of the importance of protecting the environment.

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The BAME communities are largely underrepresented in local and national environmental and conservation activities and projects.

We’re addressing that and encouraging participation by providing a platform for these environmental groups to appeal to the local BAME communities so that we can act as a catalyst to all parts of society working together (instead of separately) on protecting the environment.

Oxford Mail:

To initiate the discussion, we’ve applied the theme of ‘protecting the environment’ across the event which typically attracts thousands of people every year from a BAME background.

Food vendors have been encouraged to use biodegradable packaging, attendees are encouraged to arrive to the venue by bike or by public transport where possible, free water will be given out at the event (as long as people bring their own reusable bottle) and many activities are planned within the event to encourage discussion around this issue.

Oxford Mail:

This year the event is the environment in line with Oxford Green Week and is being led by Mujahid, Shabnam and Hassan with support from lots of volunteers and other organisations.

We hope to see all of you there!

The Oxford Eid Extravaganza 2019 will be held at Cheney School, Cheney Lane, this Sunday from 12pm to 7pm.

Entry is free and attractions will include fun fair rides and games, zorbing, a petting zoo, go-karting, rock climbing, sports, a football tournament, gaming stations, a barbecue, bake-off, food from around the world, exhibitions and interactive workshops.