WHITE rabbits, the Queen of Hearts and the Mad Hatter will take over Oxford next month for a celebration of all things Alice in Wonderland.

Alice's Day will take place this year on Saturday, July 6, and see the city centre come to life with music, theatre, dance and storytelling.

The one-day festival, which is organised by The Story Museum, involves multiple venues across Oxford including the Museum of Natural History, the Ashmolean, Blackwells Bookshop, the Museum of History of Science, the Botanic Gardens, Christ Church and the Bodleian Library.

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Visitors to Oxford won’t need to look hard to find the action, with giant White Rabbits making their way round the city centre, the Queen of Hearts riding her Dodo across the lawn of the Natural History Museum and a special White Rabbit trail taking place in Oxford’s Covered Market.

Events will include the chance to learn to play croquet with Ben Jaques from Jaques of London, the creators of the game who have historic links to Alice in Wonderland author Lewis Carroll.

Authors Robin Stevens, Amy Wilson and Patrice Lawrence, meanwhile, will discuss their contributions to Return To Wonderland, a new collection of original stories inspired by the works of Carroll.

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For a full guide to Alice's Day events visit storymuseum.org.uk/alice

The Story Museum is currently undergoing a major revamp before it is due to be reopened to the public next Spring.

There will be a home for Alice and her friends in the newly transformed museum, with a special Alice In Wonderland interactive exhibition.

Other highlights of the new museum will include a 120-seat purpose built theatre, a Whispering Wood, an Enchanted Library, and a dedicated early year’s space entitled Small Worlds.

Alice’s Day is the perfect chance to get a taste before the opening.