A MAN 'groomed' a teenager before taking her to a house near Cowley Road where she was gang raped, a court heard.

Prosecutors claim that Daniel Kilbee may have subjected his alleged victim to the ordeal in order to pay for a drugs debt.

The 37-year old, formerly of Sutton Courtenay, Oxfordshire, denies four counts of rape, one of assault by penetration and another of sexual assault.

As his trial got under way at Oxford Crown Court yesterday prosecutor Alan Blake told jurors that Kilbee had first exploited his victim before carrying out the rape, together with another unidentified man, at a house in Oxford.

He said: "The crown allege that on one day in 2011 or more probably 2012 when he was about 30 he sexually abused a young teenage girl.

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"It is the crown's case that he gradually groomed her, showering her with compliments, making inappropriate suggestions.

"And making efforts to be alone with her such as giving lifts in his van."

Jurors were told that this grooming culminated in one incident when Kilbee drove his victim to an unknown address near Cowley Road.

While there, prosecutors claim, the teenager - who cannot be named for legal reasons - was subjected to rapes involving an unidentified black male and Kilbee.

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The alleged victim, jurors were told, was forced to perform a sex act, before both men took turns to rape her, and then with both men raping her at the same time.

She was then 'threatened', prosecutors said, and told not to tell anybody what had happened before Kilbee again groped her while at his home.

A video recorded interview was also played to the court in which police officers interviewed the alleged victim after she first made the allegations.

Recalling her alleged ordeal she said: "[I felt] that they had taken advantage of me and I didn't really want it . So I remember just crying, just sobbing.

"I was in pain and not myself, [I felt] discomfort, and I was bleeding."

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She later said that she thought it was possible the rape had been 'payment' for a drug deal between Kilbee and the other man.

The alleged victim said that she kept the ordeal quiet for a number of years and later revealed what she claimed happened after speaking with counsellors after she had left the area.

Jurors were also told that Kilbee had previously been convicted of sexual offences involving teenage girls.

After Kilbee was arrested, prosecutors said, he claimed he had never been 'romantically' interested in his alleged victim.

He said he had never asked about her age but 'assumed she was 17' at the time, before denying he had ever taken her to Oxford, or had any black friends.

Kilbee denies all the charges against him and the trial continues.