THE SCHOOL halls of former St Edburg’s primary have swapped classroom creations for sinuous sculptures as Artsweek takes over.

Bicester Sculpture Group have expanded out of their usual exhibition space to take on the school halls for the festival.

All forms of sculpture have decorated the site with everything from stone and clay, to metal and wood creations.

For the past week or so Bicester Scuplture Group took up residence at the former St Edburg’s to give people an insight into their creations and work from the past year.

It is also a chance for artists to celebrate their efforts and show off all their hard work.

The former St Edburg’s School is now home to arts charity OYAP which works with young adults to provide better creative opportunities in the town.

It hosts a number of workshops and sessions for young adults, but also has several events for all ages to get stuck in to.