THE seven plans submitted to Oxford City Council this week include revamp of ASK Italian and the extended permission for St Edwards School.

To see any of the plans in full visit Oxford City Council’s planning portal online.

•Homeowners will put a sauna in their garden, if the plans are given the thumbs up by Oxford City Council.

As it is, the garden in East Avenue has a blue building which will be knocked down and replaced with a similar sized ‘eco-outbuilding’ big enough for bike storage, a home gym and a sauna.

Planners say the new ‘studio’ will be in an area of ‘disused’ green space, and will sit on a green raised bed.

Use 19/01305/FUL

•A homeowner plans to switch up a family home on Marston Road, into a house in multiple occupation (HMO).

In the plans, the developer explained how on the street, which is made of 27 other houses, there are already two which are HMOs.

They say the idea is the ‘pleasant’ home will be converted for young professionals to live in – like doctors working at the John Radcliffe hospital.

Use 19/01236/FUL

•Another homeowner wants to revamp the garage to make a room to live in.

The idea is to convert part of the garage at the East Field Close house to form more living space.

They say that parking will not be limited as there is ‘ample’ space on the driveway.

Use 19/01241/FUL


•Homeowners want to knock down their four-bed home and rebuild a six-bedroom home on the plot.

The house on Apsley Road will also have two extra car parking spaces.



•St Edward’s School on Woodstock Road has asked to extend its planning permission for eight more months.

Planners at the school, which teaches about 900 pupils, have asked to keep the temporary classroom until October 2020.

Permission will run out in January, if this is not approved.

The idea is that the new boarding house to keep up with the capacity will be finished in September 2020 so the school need the permission to stay until October.

Use 19/01154/FUL


•Architects will revamp an old print shop on West Way to offices with meeting and conference rooms.

The permission is to change the use of the site.

Find the plans on the Vale of White Horse planning portal and use P19/V1184/FUL


•ASK Italian on George Street plan to revamp the outside with fresh signs.

The new displays will replace the old font, which is iconic to its branding.

Use 19/01355/ADV