THE leader of West Oxfordshire Liberal Democrats has called for Witney MP Robert Courts to resign following the European elections results.

The Lib Dems gained the most votes in the district in Thursday's poll - almost 7,000 votes more than the Conservatives, who finished a distant fourth.

Group leader, Andy Graham, claims the results show the Tories have 'lost complete sense of direction'.

He said: "It was a great result for the party and reflected people being fed up with Labour and Conservatives' indecision and ineptitude over the Brexit issue.

"The clear 'Stop Brexit' message from the Lib Dems was unambiguous and reflected support for the common sense approach to dealing with issues both locally and nationally and as the party that 'gets things done'."

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Mr Graham added: "The Tories have lost complete sense of direction and are not listening to their constituents.

"As a result, I have called for Robert Courts MP to resign. He is completely out of touch and the result, the worst in living memory, he has to take personal responsibility for."

The Lib Dems received 10,604 votes in West Oxfordshire, just 103 more than The Brexit Party.

Third was the Green Party, with 4,782 votes, followed by the Tories and Labour in fourth and fifth on 3,683 and 1,812 votes respectively.

But The Brexit Party won four seats in the South East, compared to the Lib Dems' three.

Labour, The Tories and the Greens gained one seat each, but Mr Courts insisted he would honour his 2017 election campaign promise to deliver Brexit.

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He said: "I am focused on keeping that promise in the months ahead, in a way that maintains close ties of trade, culture and co-operation, while ensuring we have democratic control over the laws that govern us.

"It is clear that opinions have hardened rather than changed since 2016 - so it's vital that we move forward with the result of the referendum and begin to heal our nation."